At ECA, we believe that learning comes through discipline in forms of dedication, effort and responsibility. Here at Excel, our genuinely caring staff strives to provide a safe, structured and nurturing environment for our students. Excel classrooms are designed and decorated purposefully for academic and spiritual engagement.

The distinction of ECA is the teacher’s demonstration of their commitment to Christ through modeling and teaching Biblical precepts. The foundation of all instruction is God’s word and is seen through the integration of faith and learning. Excel fosters an environment where students can have a personal relationship with God, based upon the content of the Bible as well as the application of Biblical truths. Excel helps cultivate a global perspective by providing student opportunities to help those in need both spiritually and materially.

We believe that our educational program is designed to provide our students with the skills and knowledge to become productive citizens by spiritually and emotionally embracing the Biblical standard of righteousness by filtering everything through the word of God. This can be accomplished by teachers responsibly meeting the needs of the students by developing fundamentals, sequential and interesting classroom settings within a Biblical construct and incorporating the various learning styles of their students.